THESE LESSONS FROM UNEXPECTED SUCCESS OF DRUGS prolong survival of HIV-infected people with kindness Herbalist Buddhism. For years, Tue Tinh Street Clinic, located in Ky Quang Pagoda II (Le Hoang Thai st, Ward 7, Go Vap District, HCMC) has become the destination of those who are not familiar with the disease so lucky century. They come here to use magic remedy of Medicine Professor Nguyen Viet Xo, prescriptions help them prolong life … All my life with drugs headache ,Master Nguyen Viet Xo family background relatively basic in Quang Ngai, there is a health food grandfather had known in the region and declared a barrister (lawyer) patriotic and more dedication to our country. Since childhood, he was often under the Nguyen Viet Xo grandfather learn and study of folk medicinal plants, health and forge his father’s under martial career. Determined to medicine, in 1980, Nguyen Viet Xo passed an examination on senior pharmaceutical science undergraduate Medical City. In 1987, he graduated with an honors degree and was admitted to the teaching Traditional Medicine of the school. With this in mind to do something impressive and dedication, study medicine prescriptions prolong life for people with HIV start conceived. After ten years of tinkering, in 2003, his work was included in clinical trials and bring very positive results. Professor Nguyen Viet Xo Medicine, said: “With the help of theleaders of the city, I announced the complete remedy in 2010.”

According to Medical Professor Nguyen Viet Xo, he started out from Western medicine, but not only passionate about traditional medicine. “In 1992, I came to Japan and China trainees under Western medical disciplines. In the process of researching, studying, I was exposed to many good medicine physician and Vietnamese recognize its superiority. I am determined to combine scientific knowledge of Western medicine with Eastern medicine to create greater efficiency for drugs for people living with HIV “, Medical Professor Nguyen Viet Xo said. East – West combined and all the saved drug unlucky fate

  In 2000, backed by Thich Thien Chieu Samana – abbot Wonders Optics II, Medicine Professor Nguyen Viet So, masters in charge of the clinic’s charitable foundations in the temple. Uses surprise from prescriptions made who unfortunately suffer the disease come to clinics winter day. “Currently, the main drugs used to prolong the lives of HIV-infected people as ARVs. But leave many sequelae ARV side effects such as severe bone atrophy, physical decline. Besides, the price of this drug is not cheap, the poor patients have access. All my drugs can completely overcome this medicine. “All my medications based on the operation of the natural active ingredients found in plants, but all deuco scientific basis. I was trained all of modern medicine, I have knowledge and experience to combine modern science and keep traditional medicine “the medicine professor said. Present at the base medical charity  Ky Quang pagoda II, we are exposed to a number of medical patients treated  by Medical Professor Nguyen Viet Xo. An HIV-infected patients, said: “After taking the medicine of Medicine  Professor Nguyen Viet Xo, I visit the Pasteur Institute in Ho Chi Minh City and saw increased CD4 substances”. Explaining this, Medicine Professor Nguyen Viet Xo said: “CD4 is critical for increasing resistance, the resistance increases will fully back the development of opportunistic diseases. This is a mechanism to reduce the spread of the virus and prolong survival for people with HIV, “a miracle for people infected Century Day 5/12/2013, published HCMC Pasteur hospital test results HIV / AIDS – people living with HIV has more than 20 years. Ms LC was born in 1960, lives in Pham Van Chieu Street, Go Vap District, HCMC. Talk to us, she said, 20 years ago, she unfortunately caught in the disease. Many times you find the death to end their lives bitter. Then with love, sympathy of friends and relatives, she has persistently seek to large hospitals for treatment with forward thinking only prolong the days spend time with my family. Principal remedy that she and other patients used to contain the HIV virus is spread ARV, but due to adverse events, physical fitness LC sister collapsed. At the time of 2007, gave her predestined to Tue Tinh Street Clinic, where Med. Prof. Nguyen Viet Xo is in  charge. And since then, every day in addition to use of ARV, her strict adherence to medical prescription of Professor Nguyen Viet Xo. Even after this time, she has not ceased to use Western medicine anymore. results “did not detect HIV antibodies,” has led the astonished doctor. Talking to her LC, doctors are known, many namqua she persevered drug therapy in all of Medicine Professor Nguyen Viet Xo. Talking about her case, Medicine Professor Nguyen Viet Xo added: “in 2007, she began medicine and take steps to treat as directed by me. On 21/6/2011 under review industrial patterns of Tropical City Hospital, LC patients detect HIV antibodies, CD4 is 254. Form dated 01/09/2013 tests, CD4 increased to 620. On 24/5/2013, CD4 is 735. Test results of her day 5/12/2013 at HCMC Pasteur Hospital was “not detected the luongHIV”. Remembering that fateful moment of her life, she choked LC: “Hold my test results, the doctors here were amazed. I myself knew only too happy to cry fainted. My life has an end this idea resurrected. I immediately phoned immediately to Med. Professor Nguyen Viet Xo. I am very thankful of His grace. South magical remedies of salvation of my life “Like the case of LC sister, Nguyen Thi Anh Loan patients also had changes unexpectedly. When using this medicine, dated 17.1.2007, this patient was identified as the last stage of HIV infection. Only her CD4 count was only 58. After three treatments, re-test in Pasteur institute, the index was 320. Currently CD4 her health is progressing well. A late stage HIV patients other extended life is his magical Thai Truong Giang. This patient was receiving treatment in early 2007, his CD4 at that time was 42. After 6 months only drug, increased CD4 250, 2008, 350. These are just two of the thousands of patients with advanced HIV be extended life while using all of eastern medicine that Medicine Professor Ng Viet Xo study.


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