The “GENIE OF MEDICINE” holds a unique remedy for the patient .. “Back from the dead”

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 The “GENIE OF MEDICINE” holds a unique remedy for the patient .. “Back from the dead” .


HIV / AIDS is known as the disease that until now the world of modern medicine seems powerless. In Vietnam, there is a  Pharmacist Medicine has confidently asserted that he studied the medicine capable of extending the life of patients with HIV. Even the doctor said, after taking medication, HIV patients can prolong life for years. This remedy is prepared manually from the natural vegetation. The doctor that we mention is Master Professor – Medicine Nguyen Viet Xo,National Pharmacist, , born in 1961, was a descendant of a clan academy, with the revolutionary tradition in Duc Pho district, Quang Ngai. His father was a barrister (lawyer) patriotic soon enlightened revolutionary ideas. Mother of Professor Nguyen Viet  Xo was a teacher devotion to work. The professor family beliefs. Buddhism . He soon acquire modern education with public sentiment more humane spirit, tolerance of Buddhist philosophy. As a child, Nguyen Viet Xo always head to the land of destiny “practice to help others”. In his youth, according to Nguyen Viet Xo often grandfather was a famous Herbalist in the research, the study of folk medicinal plants. Since then, the monks started pharmacy attached his life to medical research cruise. In 1980, Nguyen Viet Soviet youth became a student of pharmacy senior medical university HCMC. During the study, Nguyen Viet Xo always shown outstanding achievements are teachers and friends appreciate. In 1987, Nguyen Viet Xo graduate degree with honors and was admitted to the faculty at the school of traditional medicine. Besides, he stepped into the path of scientific research. Study the herbal remedy to prolong life for people with HIV also started from here.

He began his career as a pharmacist Western medicine, but now he had become a famous professor medicineall over the country, is the owner of all of the unique medicine in the world. Talking about this change, the pharmacist said: “After graduation, I was kept in school teaching. 1992, I  study in Japan and China in the field of professional development western medicine, but in the process of researching, studying I was exposed to many good teachers of oriental medicine and Vietnam recognize its superiority. I am determined to be combined with scientific knowledge base of western medicine with remarkable definition of oriental medicine to create greater efficiency in healing to help others “. It is the sense of the sacred mission of the genuine medicine professor Nguyen Viet Xo always  thinks for a remedy to help people infected with the disease. Study the herbal remedy to prolong life for people with HIV was conceived in 1987. In 2003, all drugs are included in clinical trials and bring very positive results.  The pharmacist Nguyen Viet Xo said: “After my work was completed basically, I have proposed to the leaders  of thePeople s Committee of HCM for supporting for the project. City leaders have actively helped, in 2010 , I had published his complete that study medicine. ” To get the most complete prescription medicine ,he has been conducting free medicine for hundreds of patients and give satisfactory results. Now, Professor Nguyen Viet Xo ,in the position of chief of the clinic charitable social charities Ky Quang Buddhist temple II (Go Vap District, HCMC) daily remain free medicine for patients people in need. The advantages of remedy Vietnam “challenging death” in 2000, said to be the will and talent of martial – pharmacist Nguyen Viet Xo, Samana Thich Thien Chieu Quang Pagoda II hired him in charge of the clinic basis of this charity. Here, the activities of advice centers and support care for people infected with, affected by HIV / AIDS and associations of HIV / AIDS. Professor Nguyen Viet Xo who is  responsible medical professional. Patients who come to the Ky Quang II pagoda are growing and they are directly used prescription medicine that is research associate. Through direct report of medical patients Professor Nguyen Viet Xo has the excellent scientific work of his lifetime dedication. Talking about Vietnam’s priority focus his medicine studies, this medicinal taste asserts: “Currently, the main drugs used to prolong survival for people with HIV as antiretroviral drugs. But sequelae ARV side effects are severe, such as skeletal muscle atrophy, can decay. Besides, the price of this drug is not cheap, the poor patients have access to, all my medications can completely overcome this. ” To assert the superiority of all Vietnamese traditional medicines prolong life for people with HIV, Master – Professor Nguyen Viet Xo medicine continues to insist: “all my medications based on the operation of the natural active ingredients in plants but everything is scientific basis. I was trained all of modern medicine, I have knowledge and experience to combine modern science and traditional medicine. I do not assert themselves who “quack” as a lot of other deceptive physician. ” When reporters present at the medical facility Ky Quang II pagoda charity, we were exposed to some medical patients treated Professor Nguyen Viet Xo. They all appeared to be pleased with all the drug. An HIV-infected patients, said: “After taking the medicine of the Prof. Nguyen Viet Xo, I seek medical care at HCMC Pasteur Institute for results of CD4 increase “. Explaining this, the Professor Nguyen Viet Xo said “CD4 is critical of the increasing resistance, the resistance increases will push back the development of diseases such as micro virus HIV opportunity”. To verify the information, reporters had discussions with Thich Thien Chieu Samana (Ky Quang II pagoda), he said: “The drug of  Master – Professor Nguyen Viet Xo is really effective. Each year our clinic remedies granted to thousands of patients, indicate values ​​as well as the trust which patients for medicine. ” As reported by the consulting office – FA HIV / AIDS Ky Quang II pagoda, in 2013, the office has allocated 3234 and 1563 remedies for infectious dose pill, the effects of HIV / AIDS. The successful preparation of the herbal remedy to prolong life for people living with HIV of Medicine – Professor Nguyen Viet Xo pharmaceutical crowded with patients as well as professionals who recognize. However, physicians who have volunteered heart has not only stopped on the road and people devoted to science. Masters – Professor Nguyen Viet Xo medicine said he continues to “fight” with an incurable disease called cancer. In future, he will continue to publish the herbal remedy to help cure cancer. The remedy offered to the best after testing in many patients. In a conversation with reporters, Professor Nguyen Viet Xo has always emphasized: “I am the scientific researcher. The prescription of medicine called me yet, but it is based on the foundations of modern medicine. I do not have to find little vanity that the primary purpose of operating to help life “. Maybe, unique prescription of medicine you need more time and the scientific insights to verify quality. But charitable heart, lofty medical ethics of doctors who genuinely true, the Med. Prof. Nguyen Viet Xo should be honored.

 Each received merit from Prime Minister Talking to reporters Samana Thich Thien Chieu said: “Professor Nguyen Viet Xo Medicine are good professionals and have an honest heart. In 2010, he – Professor Nguyen Viet Xo pharmacist received the commendation of Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung to study herbal medicine to prolong life for patients with HIV / AIDS “

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