PROTECTION LAW Newspaper No. 85 (763) from 22/10/2010 to 26/10/2010

 Ky Quang II Pagoda, Go Vap District, HCMC ,


In the bustle of modern society college, work pressure is high and the chaos of life, so people less interested in rational nutrition for themselves and their families. Every day when eating hurried, perfunctory non-selective, we inadvertently put into my body some toxic substances without even knowing it, so that day by day the toxic substances that would silently, area come together to create dangerous pathogens. Not only the food problem, but living habits intemperate climate with erratic, plus much stress from life was so imagine creating common diseases today such as: The grounds neurological diseases – osteoarthritis – Cardiovascular – Diabetes – stomach, … and when suffering from these diseases, we will have to put the abuse by the constant pain makes the body tired, memory loss, loss of appetite, insomnia  cause directly to health and work of each person. Perhaps by understanding the suffering of those who have been suffering from the said disease in 2000 should cure, charity center Tue Tinh Ky Quang II Pagoda belongs  Go Vap District was born. Through activity reports annually, each year has medical and cured for more 70 thousand patients come from all over the country suffering from the disease, such as chronic diseases that involve the cardiovascular system – heart disease can – circulatory system – the nervous system – the joint bones – and skin diseases some metabolic disorders, endocrine and is especially effective in curing the problem of HIV / AIDS in Eastern medicine. The fact that resistance as well as indicators of people with AIDS CD4 increased significantly after 3 months of treatment here, and this result was proven when the patients arrive at the Pasteur institute , decreasesthe diseases attack the AIDS patients significantly. Charity Center Tue Tinh very effective treatment, has helped many people get the disease in remission. They welcome patients in attitude affable, considerate. They work in science sequence and each one of gentle fun with everyone.

The treatment is free to bring high efficiency, plus good service attitude, which is why the periodic healing day on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday at 500 to 600 Patients come here for medical and medicinal theft, parallel combined with acupuncture – acupressure to reduce the pain caused by the disease.At Ky Quang II pagoda ,we not only found healing centers charity but here also the common roof of the nearly 300 orphans – handicapped. In view of this unfortunate child would cause us to show pity and full of compassion. That is the cause of innocent faces that they would have to have a family of her own to be loved as child. But only because of the defects of the body they were relatives reject the presence of his family and brought before the entrance to abandon at Ky Quang II. To then have someone who has been quietly taking responsibility and parenting care for this unfortunate as a father, second mother of the children that is Thich Thien Chieu. On Tue Tinh, outside balcony of the place, one can not deny the merits of Mr. Mats and Master – Pharmacists – Master – Professor Nguyen Viet Xo Y. This is really for everyone to follow, with the noble achievement, they’ve been the President conferred the title “Labor Medal Third Class” for master lighting and “Labor Medal Class Two “Ky Quang II pagoda for. Private medicine – medicinal Nguyen Viet Xo received “Merit of the Prime Minister,” and before he had the Tue Tinh has also received dozens of other awards on for his contribution to the intellectual effort and position improvement in care and treatment to poor patients across the country, along with the search for innovative ways to cure incurable medicinal bring efficiency to the community.

Prof. Thien Chieu as well as the value of the Ky Quang II pagoda chosen responsibility, the principle LOVE worldly people do for themselves to spiritual advancement is also a good idea received consensus support from Party and State. For them between religion and life, though two but one. Between religion and life beauties were combined to create fun for others being. European friendsare also derived from plate limitless altruism. And Tue Tinh in particular – Ky Quang II in general still need to philanthropists and contributing to their conditions of service cothem many charities are better. Coming to Ky Quang II, people did not just admire the magnificent beauty, mystery by unusual architecture, impressive temples, but it also exudes a different beauty that is the beauty of humanity – her kindness and beauty brilliant as the shimmering light, because the light had been lit from the people immense.

 Huynh Dao

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